Workshop On Adaption Of Barkhaa Series For Children With Visual Impairment- (22nd-24th Sept 2015)

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This workshop was conducted in order to adapt the 40 booklets of Barkhaa series, two groups were formed comprising of experts of VI, teacher educators, special educators, teachers from special schools and KV's and COETG team(IIT Delhi).Barkhaa series has been developed by NCERT and is a pedagogic tool which helps children of classes I and II to learn how to read well with meaning and pleasure. For the children with special needs the rigidity of class may not always stand and it may be used at primary level. All the stories of Barkhaa have been developed on the basis of children's everyday experience. The aim of this workshop was to adapt the Barkhaa Series for visually impaired children according to UDL. UDL is intended to increase access to learning by reducing physical, cognitive, intellectual, and organizational barriers to learning, as well as other obstacles. UDL principles also lend themselves to implementing inclusion practices in the classroom.