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Service request Form and Associated Terms Centre of Excellence in Tactile Graphics , ASSISTECH , Amar Nath Shashi Khosla School of Information Technology, IIT Delhi

Organization's name interested in production of tactile diagrams and associated material for the project

1. Organization Nameis interested in producing learning material accessible to the visually impaired whereas CoETG has developed the know-how for producing such material as part of their research and technology development sponsored by DEITY, Government of India

2. Specifically this request involves the following material to be produced by CoETG

1 Diagrams
2 Braille Descriptions
Production Preferences
Diagram Production method Production Preferences 3D printing + Thermoforming
Braille Embossing
Braille description production Print + Embossing
Language English
Braille Format Open (Grade 1)
Contracted (Grade 2)

3.All the contents would be supplied by Organization in the finished form. In case it requires multiple iterations to get to an acceptable quality level, the same have to be accounted for in the quantity as well.

4.CoETG would normally expect to be compensated for the material and other operating costs incurred by it on the project. At present the rates for the same are enclosed in Annexure I. These could be revised from time to time based on our cost estimates. The payment should be made within one month of the completion of the project.

5. As part of the agreement, (Organization Name)agrees to provide to CoETG consolidated feedback from the users on the effectiveness of the tactile diagrams and other materials produced. This feedback should be provided within 2 months of the project being delivered.

6.CoETG would normally retain two copies of the produced material for its own records as well as to project its activities to the sponsor as well as other potential clients.


(Organization Name) agrees to prominently acknowledge CoETG for its contribution to the project in the produced material as well as in all its presentation/exhibition etc. related to the project. The acknowledgment should say the following:

NCERT, Delhi acknowledges that Centre of Excellence in Tactile Graphics, ASSISTECH, IIT Delhi for all the tactile diagrams and associated material produced by them in this work. These have been produced using CoETG’s own technology for production of Tactile Graphics developed under a project sponsored by DEITY, Govt. of India.

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