Visit To Helen Keller Institute For Deaf And Deafblind, Mumbai- (14th Sept 2015) Home visits

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Late Dr. Helen Keller, the prodigy and genius who opened the door of educating Deaf and Deafblind, was herself Deafblind. She has said, A person who is severely handicapped never knows his own hidden strength until he is treated like a normal human being and allowed to be supported to shape his own life for life is either a challenge or nothing at all!Our thrust is towards the community's acceptance as a joint partnership responsibility with the child's family and educators. This is how we try to achieve it by preparing our own children. As envisaged in the Memorandum of our Institute we offer the following services to provide a Quality of Life to every deaf and Deafblind child: Free / subsidized education, transport, nutrition, hearing aids, and medical facilities, uniform. Counseling services for children, teachers and parents. Pre-vocational training and every effort to rehabilitate him / her in the society. Free / subsidized residential facilities for Deafblind children residing outside Mumbai. The Institute has helped educate and train 32 Deafblind children and 130 deaf children, since its inception in July 1977. At present, the Institute has 25 Deafblind and 64 deaf children on its roll. The institute is now recognized nationally and internationally and is aided by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, New Delhi and Women, Child and Handicapped Development Office, Maharashtra. It has two separate schools - one for deaf, another for Deafblind children, and a special residential unit for Deafblind children residing outside Mumbai